Bill and Marie Demicco, USA
Dalmatian Holiday
October 2011.

Dear Alan,
To be a tourist abroad is one kind of experience; to be a guest is another. But our third consecutive trip to Croatia has made us feel like family coming home. Our two previous trips were sensational, each better than the one before. Could our third live up to our expectations? Oh yeah. Starting out with some relaxing days on Vis, we quickly shed the stresses and strains of everyday life and got into the quiet rhythm of coffee on the waterfront, shopping in the farmers’ market, listening to the waves lap the rocks right under our windows at night.
Moving on to Imotski, an area barely mentioned in the guide books, we had the amazing experience of staying with a family: sharing homemade meals, lovely wine, walks, and long stimulating conversations on so many subjects.
Returning to Šibenik, our favorite destination in Dalmatia, we were immediately embraced by dear friends from our past visits. Breaking bread together creates lasting bonds and we were blessed to be able to share some wonderful meals with our friends in Šibenik. From breakfasts sitting at the counter at Peligrini, to the most magical al fresco cooking experience with Rudi on the waterfront, to a family lunch of fresh caught and grilled fish with your uncle, to sharing a glass or two of wine with Mira, we have never felt so at home and so much a part of Dalmatia.
Tourists visit a location, see the sights, take pictures, buy souvenirs. We visited, saw places and sights known only to locals, we did take pictures (lots of them!), but our souvenirs are in our hearts and our memories. Thanks again so very much for a wonderful homecoming!
Do sljedeći put
Bill and Marie Demicco