It has never been easier to travel the world which means it has never been more important to pay attention to the way we do it. Secret Dalmatia takes pride in having an active role in preserving the local community and heritage. From our very beginnings, we were aware of the changes the tourism brings and potential dangers that come with it. Thanks to numerous donations to various local projects, such as archaeological excavations and historical researches, Secret Dalmatia has significantly contributed to conserving the cultural legacy of our country.

Best way to contact us is via e-mail, WhatsApp or schedule a video call to discuss how you can participate in our efforts to save Croatian heritage.




Being one of our greatest passions, we are always helping various archaeology research projects, whether through logistics or funding excavations directly. Thanks to our donations to Zadar University, a series of fantastic campaigns were held, the most prominent one being the 5-year-long campaign of an underwater site near Ričul Island that confirmed the existence of a 3500-year-old underwater settlement. Moreover, it confirmed that olives in Croatia are at least that much old! Lergina Gradina hilltop fortress, untouched sunken Liburnian harbor, saving the bones of prehistoric animals, etc. are also some of the other projects we took part in, or are still supporting.


Cruise Ships

In 2019, we became the first local agency, and one of the few in the world, that stopped working with cruise ship guests. The damage it does to our environment, cities, infrastructure, and communities was too big to ignore. In the future, we may reconsider this decision but only for passengers on the ships that share the same philosophy and act responsibly toward our environment and heritage.



Sustainability has always been one of our leading ideas. It is incredibly important that we preserve the environment by reducing the use of disposable plastics, riding in electric cars, buying from and promoting local businesses, helping the community and assisting with beach and environment clean-up, etc. However, this poses many challenges in a developing country such as Croatia. If you would like to learn more on how to help us in our efforts, feel free to contact us.


The future’s looking bright and exciting! With green technology coming our way and more and more travelers being aware of the damage overtourism is causing, we are confident in safekeeping Croatia for the generations to come. We will be further participating in various environmental actions as well as in archaeological digs. We have several things planned for 2021; our guests will be able to participate in another campaign of discovering the underwater settlement at Ričul. No worries, it is accessible with simple snorkeling gear! Another exciting thing is that in October of 2021 we will be funding – and overseeing – the first digs inside of a templar monastery in Vrana!

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