Secret Dalmatia is a boutique travel company by design. Since 2005. we have been collaborating with travel agents and partners from all around the world, such as Based on a True Story, Scott Dunn, Steppes Travel, Altour, Trufflepig… and other leading luxury travel agencies from around the world. Our goal has always been the same: to provide extraordinary travel experiences and impeccable service.

Secret Dalmatia DIFFERENCE

While everyone can get you a Mercedes car and book you a room in a five-star hotel, Secret Dalmatia is much more than a regular DMC. Being a one-stop-shop for all your needs, we are always interested in exceeding your clients’ expectations. This is possible only through a vast network of fantastic locals that add something special to the whole process, apart from a thorough, unparalleled knowledge of the destination and an innate curiosity to make our programs as authentic as possible. Besides, we love a good challenge!

Best way to contact us is via e-mail, WhatsApp or schedule a video call to discuss your needs in Croatia and the region.


In 2021, if circumstances permit, Secret Dalmatia will be attending the trade fairs below – and it would be a pleasure to meet you!

September 11 – 14  2022 | PURE – Marrakech
November 14 – 18 2022 | Do Not Disturb – Borgo Egnazia, Italy


We can arrange other meetings on Zoom, at any point.

Webinars are arranged on request and can be thematic, so we can cover certain areas and aspects that could help you understand the region better and how our private tours work.

Also, we will be uploading a series of training videos to our YouTube channel.




Since 2013, Secret Dalmatia is a proud member of Pure Life Experiences as the only Croatian DMC. We are also a member of Traveller Made DMC network. It is our desire not to be too strongly associated with various consortia to ensure our independence and great flexibility in decision making. The ultimate goal is to always be exceeding the client’s expectations!

How We Work

Ideally, you send us as much information on the client as possible: from their basic wishes to their food and wine preferences. Then, we get back to you within 12 hours, depending on the time difference. You will always be working with one of our designers/teams to ensure all the information is in one place throughout the process and travel. Approximately 30 days prior to arrival, you will get a final document to forward it to the client, with all the important information on the trip.


Payment policy is subject to discussion, but we usually take full payment 30 days prior to arrival. We prefer not to take any deposits at the time of confirmation. Payments can be made by wire/bank transfer or credit card. There are no additional charges to credit card payments. We use Flywire secure online payment system as well as the secure local WSPay gateway.

Speciality Projects

Apart from Secret Dalmatia, we have created several travel projects, such as Culinary Croatia, a first specialized website for food and wine travel in Croatia. Our Luxury Croatian Villas website is still the only one offering solely luxury villas in Croatia, and thanks to Alan’s travels to the far-flung corners of the earth, Vanishing Worlds was born, meant for those looking beyond ordinary.

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