Sailing and Yacht Charter in Croatia


Sailing and Yacht charter in Croatia is one of the most popular ways of spending holidays in Croatia. Over 1100 islands are guaranteeing nearly everyone coming can find their own spot and get away from crowds. With the world’s largest charter fleet, there is no shortage of boats to choose from. Anything from regular sailing boats to fantastic catamarans, motor yachts and gulets awaits you! And you can choose from a bareboat charter for sailing boats and small motor yachts to fully crewed gulets and luxury yachts. Mixing adventure with relaxing stay is always the best way to spend your holiday and time away from work.

We are not a charter company but have years of experience with chartering various vessels for our clients and partners. We are very strict and have our own selection of tested vessels of all types. Your stay must be perfect in every aspect and we are fully dedicated to deliver only the best experience when chartering a yacht in Croatia.

Yacht charter and sailing bespoke programs in Croatia

Croatia Yachting Program

Sailing in Croatia means discovering a different adventure every day!
Adriatic Dreaming is a voyage into a mysterious world, replete with stunning sights, rich flavors, music of nature, and the powerful emotions evoked by the very Adriatic.

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Top 10 Best yacht and sailing Destinations

Top 10 Best Croatia yacht and sailing Destinations

Out of 1100 islands on the Croatian side of the Adriatic sea, there are hundreds worth exploring and visiting. Usually, the most popular are the ones with some settlements but there are those with only a lighthouse that can make you day dream of staying there forever and escaping regular life altogether.
Here is a short list of our top 10 Best yacht destinations when chartering a yacht in Croatia:

1 – Rab Island with its fantastic beaches and great Old Town
2 – Losinj Island with Mali and Veli Losinj towns
3 – Kornati Islands National Park
4 – Brijuni National Park
5 – Hvar Island with historic towns of Hvar, Jelsa, Stari Grad…
6 – Korcula Island with historic Korcula Town
7 – Vis Island with Bisevo an Blue Cave
8 – Lastovo Archipelago
9 – Mljet Island National Park
10 – Elaphite Islands off Dubrovnik

These are the main spots one can reach when chartering a yacht in Croatia.

Croatia Sailing Destinations

Croatia Sailing Destinations

Besides regular, popular destinations, there is an abundance of fantastic secret spots not many reach or fit in their itinerary. Here is our list of our favorite places that are also worth exploring besides the better known main sites:

1 – Golubinka Cave on Dugi Otok
2 – Žuljana beach on Peljesac
3 – Mana island in Kornati National Park with movie set ruins
4 – Žirje island with its fortresses
5 – Vrgada Island with its lovely coves
6 – Sunken ship near Molat
7 – Charming Silba Island
8 – Beaches of Olib
9 – Mljet Island southern shores
10 – Šipnatska Luka on Elaphite Islands

The list can go on and on but we are sure everyone will find their own secret or favorite spot on some of Croatian islands!



Kornati National Park
Pakleni islands & Hvar town
Stiniva cove on Vis and Blue Cave on Biševo
Skradin and river Krka estuary
Cliffs of Dugi Otok
Telaščica bay and Salt Lake
Korčula Island and Mljet National Park
…. and more!


Depends on the selected boat, final travel dates, and additional services.
– Sailing boats start from 5.000 € p/week
– Motor yachts start from 14.000 € p/week
– Gullets start from 16.000 € p/week

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Croatia Sailing Holidays

Croatia Sailing Holidays

Possibilities for your sailing holiday in Croatia are endless but are best divided in several groups but basically one has to decide if they have one or two weeks and what type of the yacht they prefer to charter. The number of days dictates the tempo and the territory covered and the same goes for the type of the vessel chartered. Sailing boats, catamarans and gulets are always slower than the motor yachts. If you like power and to see as much as possible, then a motor yacht is the best choice. Sailing yachts and catamarans are mostly for easy sailing, relaxing stay and going between the islands without rush.
Typical itineraries include starting from and returning to Split as that way you can enjoy the central Dalmatian islands like Hvar, Vis, Brac… Other great starting points are Dubrovnik and Sibenik/Zadar region. There is also a less traveled northern route from Zadar/Sibenik to Pula. If doing one way in a week, expect to disembark one day earlier so the boat can return to their base for another charter. Saturdays are usually turn over days but some really luxury vessels offer flexibility when possible. Some gulets also depart on Sunday but those are not easy to find.

Sailing and Yachting Packages

Croatia Sailing and Yachting Packages

Our Croatia sailing and yachting packages always include a skipper and, on request, a hostess for the basic version and regular sailing boats. If chartering a luxury yacht or a gulet, then the crew is already included in the cost and the number of crew members depends on the yacht.
All our packages come with staff for a simple reason: being on the ocean is safe and fun but should not be taken lightly so we always have you just relax and a well trained skipper taking care of all the details, routes and rules of navigation.
Packages can also include stocking up the boat before the arrival and all transfers. The route is always just a suggestion and the route is always discussed with your skipper. It can be altered without discussion in case of stormy weather and other hazardous conditions.

Activities while on yacht charter in Croatia

Activities while on yacht charter in Croatia

With fantastic islands and great coastline, there is always something to do while on your yacht. No matter if you are just looking to do water based activities like snorkeling and scuba, or to do cliff climbing on outer cliffs of Hvar Island, there are easy and light activities and those for adrenaline lovers! Hiking on the islands, exploring the military tunnels of Vis, cycling around Mljet lakes, hiking to Krka National Park, off roading on Brač and abseiling on Paklenica National park , sea kayak on Pakleni islands can all be part of your activities while sailing and cruising the Adriatic coast!
Or you can just go clubbing on Hvar Island and make that the hardest of your activities while in Croatia!

Pre and Post Charter Destinations in Croatia

Pre and Post Charter Destinations in Croatia

If you have enough time, it is always great to come before your charter or to stay after thus extending your trip and getting the best out of your holiday. Combining the land stay with yacht charter is probably the best combination one can have! If coming before and starting from Split, you can include istria and a few nights in Split before departing or even include Slovenia! If you are staying longer after the charter, then you can stay a few nights in Dubrovnik or even extend to Montenegro! All options mentioned are simply fantastic and add some fantastic days to your holiday in Croatia. The charter and pre and pst stay can also be thematic so you can have a great food and wine experiences , see major archaeology sites, explore the natural habitats or even do birdwatching!

Family Yacht Charter

Family Sailing Holidays

There is hardly a better option for a family holiday in Croatia than chartering the yacht of your choice and explore the fantastic Dalmatian coast! Families usually charter sailing boats when going alone or, for more than one family, a catamaran is always a great choice and highly recommended option. For multi generation charter we usually recommend gulets and larger boats as that way everyone has plenty of room on the boat for the entire family. It is also good to have crew for larger boats to take all details and meals for you. Combined with activities, this is one of the best options for family holiday in Croatia!

Chartering a Sailing Yacht in Croatia

Chartering a Sailing Yacht in Croatia

Sailing yachts are the most popular way to explore the archipelagoes of the Adriatic and are found in various sizes and with various luxury options. While these types of boats can be chartered bareboat, we do not offer such service and all our charters are with skipper and hostess (on request). Budgeting for a yacht like this includes charter and all additional taxes but it does not include gas and several smaller expenses which are payable in base in cash before the charter. There is also a security deposit which depends on the yacht and it is returned after the final inspection. That is rarely needed when you have a skipper on board but minor damages are possible and it is the insurance that all the damages are covered.

Luxury Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

Vachts epitomize luxury. It is a dream holiday for many. Luxury yachts in Croatia range from small 3 cabin motor yachts to proper luxury mega yachts sleeping up to 12 guests in 5-6 cabins. Larger boats are not available easily or are not considered luxury yachts of this type. Budgets for yachts like that start from 50k Euros per week and include all bells and whistles one expects to get on a luxury vessel like that. Those yachts have their own crew and chef but we can always spice up the trip with a selection of fantastic shore excursions in numerous places on the Dalmatian coast. While you can have a luxury motor yacht or even a crewed motor sailer, guests are usually opting based on the number of cabins and the main itinerary. Luxury yacht charter is definitely one of the ultimate ways to experience Dalmatian coast in style!

Chartering a Gulet in Croatia

Chartering a Gulet in Croatia

In the recent decade, gulets have become the most popular option for luxury charter without breaking the bank. These classic Turkish style yachts are usually with 4-6 cabins and have a full crew and a chef. Crew is usually 3 – 5 members and all trained to provide great service. Gulets usually have one main, master cabin and the rest are doubles or singles to accommodate one or two families traveling together. Gulets, in pricing, range from 15 000 Euro per week for smaller yachts and can go over 40 000 Euro per week for the most exclusive boats. Definitely recommended for families, small groups and special interest groups!
Combination of spacious, luxury boat, great food and wine, trained crew… All this makes gulet charter one of the most popular options for charter in Croatia!

What is APA

Family Getaways in Croatia

APA is not always the clearest term when chartering a yacht so here it is. This is one of the best options to control your expenses and have everything quite transparent. Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is an advance payment required to be made to fund estimated boarding costs of the charter price used to cover the costs of yacht preparation, requested supplies, port, mooring and other legal charges and fees, diesel and fuel, communications, crew gratuities, extras and depends on guest particular request for services, itinerary, food, beverages etc.
In case APA is not entirely used at the end of the cruise / sail, the remaining part is returned to the person chartering a yacht. In case the spending exceeds the APA, guests can be asked to pay the additional part. If not clear, it is best to discuss APA while contacting us!

What yachts to charter in Croatia

What yachts to charter in Croatia

AS mentioned above, Croatia has the largest charter fleet in the world so there is a great number of boats to choose from. In numerous marinas and small harbors, these yachts are anchored over the year and, depending on their base, have a realistic route. There are several main types of yachts:

Sailing boats
Motor sailers
Motor yachts
Super yachts or Mega Yachts

Each one represents a different experience in service and luxury but, in general, all enable you to have a fantastic experience on Croatian Adriatic. Choosing the yacht is best based on our preferences and budget as the cost varies greatly. But, like with every holiday in Croatia, one can definitely find something that fits one’s family!
There are other subcategories and luxury versions in all of these categories but this is the basic offer when chartering a yacht in Croatia.

Mega Yacht charter

Mega Yacht charter in Croatia

Mega Yacht Charter in Croatia is definitely the top of all offers! Exclusive to the rich and famous, this is a dream holiday. Combined with fabled Dalmatian coast and magical sites and tastes of the region, this is the ultimate holiday for everyone who can afford it. The budgets start from 200 000 EUR per week of charter and can be over 1 mil EUR depending on the yacht. Sometimes there are no yachts of this size in the Adriatic and they have to be sailed in from other Mediterranean destinations. Fully crewed, fantastic staff, great chef and food and wine offer… all make this the perfect and the ultimate experience!

Sailing and Yacht Charter

Croatia sailing and yacht Charter

Croatia is a perfect yacht charter destination! Sailing and yacht charter in Croatia is oe of the most popular types of holiday in the country and attracts thousands of travelers a year. Dalmatian islands, Elaphites, Lastovo, Dugi Otok, Losinj and Cres… to name just the few of the most popular destinations, make a perfect sailing gateway probably in Europe! Choosing a yacht, planning a route and activities is always easier when you have a dedicated agent to assist and to create a memorable journey for you.

Some of our Testimonials from Sailing Holidays

There is nothing like seeing Europe from a catamaran. All of civilization grew up near the sea. It was so intimate I think the people we met we can now call family. Croatia is a beautiful country with wonderfully friendly people, but without Vinko the jewels of this country would have been missed. read more

Miguel & Elizabeth Fernandez, Canada

Dalmatian Sail Charter

The sailboat was gorgeous (Bavaria 51) and our skipper (Ivan Vekic) was wonderful and ensured that we had a perfect vacation. He was attentive to our interests, chose just the right places for us to stop and swim each day and evening, and his dinner recommendations (including making all reservations) were fantastic. He is a lovely person and a super captain. read more

Stephanie Leone & Thomas Hanlon, USA

Private charter | Sailing in Croatia

We had such a wonderful visit to Croatia! I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make this last-minute vacation happen in such a fabulous, personalized way. The boat was great, and we loved sailing to the various islands. Vedrana is an absolute gem — a lovely, positive, can-do person (and an eager and expert cook!). We are all missing her! read more

Janney Family, USA

Discover Dalmatia Land & Sea

We had a wonderful time on our trip! Our skippers and hostesses were amazing and took very good care of us! Sanja Galaso was great about making arrangements for our dinners and knowing where to go in the different ports. A wealth of knowledge! Our crew always seemed to appear at all the right moments to make sure we were all doing well. Very thoughtful! Read more

Hancock & Wardlaw families, USA & UK

Croatia Sailing private program

All that planning and anticipation has come to an end and now we are left with our fabulous memories. Memories that are possible because of all the care, time, and attention to detail that you put into making our vacation as seamless as could be. Every aspect of our vacation was absolutely wonderful and I would not change a single thing. read more

James & Carano party, USA

Land & Sailing private program


Perfect for a multi-generational travel, no matter if you are chartering a yacht or staying firmly on land, Croatia has a lot to offer to family members of all ages! Contact us to design a trip all members of your family will love and remember.

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