Jewish Heritage Travel in Croatia


Jewish heritage in Croatia is not as abundant like in other European countries that used to have much bigger Jewish communities. Croatia, and Balkans in general, were destinations for Sephardic Jews when they were expelled from Spain. Those people stayed mostly on the coast and moved inland in the Turkish part of the Balkans as Turkey was far more tolerant towards Jews and other religions then the Catholic Europe.
Small communities were started in Split and Dubrovnik but in other towns as well. Those were primary merchant towns and Jewish people had a great opportunity to start their own businesses.

Besides Croatia, Bosnia had a very interesting Jewish history. Unfortunately, Nazis and their allies back in WW2 murdered most of the Jews from former Yugoslavia in the most brutal way. The remaining communities further shrunk during the wars of the 90s.

Bespoke Jewish heritage travel services in Croatia

Jewish Heritage Travel

Traveling to three countries of the Balkan Region — Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro — introduces you to the area’s tumultuous history and impressive culture, together with an important role the Jewish community played in some of the main centers of the Balkans.

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Best Jewish Travel Destinations in Croatia and the Balkans

Jewish Travel Destinations in Croatia and the Balkans

While there are not many sites to visit in the region, most interesting sites are Dubrovnik, Split and Sarajevo. All three places still have historic synagogues and the one in Dubrovnik is the second oldest Sephardic synagogue in Europe still in use while the one in Split is the third oldest. Sarajevo boasts small but very important community and holds one of the most valuable Jewish books: The Sarajevo Haggadah

Travel Itinerary for Families

Croatia Travel Itinerary for Families

Jewish travelers often travel with their families and, while not always traveling primarily for Jewish interests, they always like to include them in their itineraries. When traveling with their families. Combination usually includes simple synagogue visits and/ or Jewish history focused walking tours while in Croatia.



Jewish Zagreb
Diocletian’s Palace in Split
Jewish community in Split
Dubrovnik Old Town
Synagogue in Dubrovnik
Historic Mostar
Jewish Sarajevo


The suggested itinerary starts at 4.400 Euro per person.

The final price of this custom tour depends on the number of guests, travel dates, final route and preferred level of comfort.

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Multi Generation Jewish Family Travel

Multi Generation Family Travel in Croatia

Same as regular families, multi generation families also tend to include some Jewish interests with their itineraries. If the entire family is not for visit synagogues, then we usually split the group in two smaller groups depending on their interest and preferences. All our Jewish walking tours are informative and adjusted for all ages so we always recommend entire families to take them as it is important to be aware of the Jewish history and the accomplishments. Especially in Split.

Travel Packages

Croatia Jewish Travel Packages

All our Croatia Jewish tour packages include accommodation at some of our favorite hotels, all private transfers throughout with private drivers, all activities and some meals. Please note that kosher meals are not easily available in Croatia and this region in general so we would not recommend our programs for travelers who insist on kosher meals. Other than that, we can have any other type of menu included and, still respecting religious guidance, avoid shellfish, pork etc.
Usually packages start from Zagreb and continue to the coast visiting Split and Dubrovnik before heading into Bosnia and finishing in Sarajevo. If of interest, holocaust site of Jasenovac, can also be included.

Day Trips in Croatia

Croatia Jewish Travel Day Trips

Many of our travelers, when doing shore excursions, are interested in private day tours as well. Jewish interest day tours are offered in Split and Dubrovnik with general interest Jewish tours, visits to the synagogue and can include more of local history as well. The addition in Split is usually a short walk (with quite a few steps!) to the important Jewish cemetery on Marijan hill overlooking the city. If you don’t have any mobility issues, we strongly recommend including this walk with your Jewish Tour of Split.

Best Hotels in Croatia for Jewish Travel in the Balkans

Best Hotels in Croatia for Jewish Travel

There is a wide selection of hotels available all over the country but we usually go with some of our favorite, classic properties. In Zagreb we usually go with hotel Esplanade 5* and in Split with Palace Judita located in the very historic part of the town. In Dubrovnik, we prefer properties within the walking distance to the Old Town so Excelsior or Villa Dubrovnik are our first choices. In Sarajevo, Hotel President 4* is our preferred hotel choice. We also had guests staying at private villas but those are available only in Dubrovnik and Split area. Not so much in Zagreb or Sarajevo.

Family Travel Ideas

All families have various interests, so, for travel ideas for Jewish travel in Croatia, we recommend filling out our trip request form so we can tailor a perfect trip based on their interests, duration of stay and budget. In terms of preferences, we can accommodate all sorts of requests apart from a kosher diet.
If you want to experience Croatian Adriatic the right way, chartering the yacht will be the best way and you can include Jewish sites in Split and Dubrovnik. Besides Bosnia, during your Jewish interest trip in the Balkans, you can consider visiting Montenegro despite the lack of Jewish sites. It is a very special country with fantastic historical sites.

Luxury Jewish Travel in Croatia and the Balkans

Luxury Jewish Travel in Croatia and the Balkans

For travelers looking for luxury Jewish travel experiences in the Balkans, Croatia is the best match. Both Split and Dubrovnik offer great accommodation options in terms of 5* hotels and luxury villas. Sarajevo has limited 5* hotels that are a bit dated and not really 5* in terms of service. If you are not picky, then a very good 4* Hotel President will do. Our guides and all other services are fully private and of the highest quality. You will meet some of our best guides specialized in Jewish history and general local history as well as current affairs.

Unique Jewish sites in Croatia and the Balkans

While there are numerous synagogues in Slavonia, almost all of them have been turned into something different like music school in Sisak. The holocaust was terribe in Croatia with Ustashe – Croatian nazis – being extremely brutal to all minorities. Among other sites is also a monument to the concentration camp of Jasenovac by Sava river.There is a grave to one of the most famous local rabbis in Stolac , Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then, visiting Sarajevo Haggadah is a must while in Sarajevo. Also, “Fiddler on the Roof” was shot near Zagreb back in 1971.

Combine Croatia and Bosnia for Jewish interest travel

The region was never this divided in the past so there are sites on both sides of Croatian – Bosnian border or, in the past Turkish – Venetian border. Both empires were accepting Jews and benefiting from their skills and knowledge. Small communities formed on the Adriatic coast and then further inland when these places stopped being so tolerant. But, the main route of Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik – Sarajevo gives one the best of Jewish Balkans and introduces the travellers to unique culture and experience on Jewish Croatia and Bosnia.

Sarajevo Haggadah

Sarajevo Haggadah

Sarajevo Haggadah is a very special treat when visiting the Balkans! The Sarajevo Haggadah is an unique illuminated manuscript that contains the illustrated traditional text of the Passover Haggadah which accompanies the Passover Seder. It is one of the oldest Sephardic Haggadahs in the world, originating in Barcelona around 1350. The Haggadah is owned by the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. Its monetary value is undetermined, but a museum in Spain required that it be insured for $7 million before it could be transported to an exhibition there in 1992.

Dubrovnik Synagogue

Dubrovnik Synagogue

The Dubrovnik Synagogue, Croatia is the oldest Sefardic synagogue still in use today in the world and the second oldest synagogue in Europe. It is believed to have been established in 1352, but gained legal status only in 1408. It is owned by a local Jewish community and it is still used as a place of service but also as a museum of local Jewish heritage.

Split Synagogue

Split Synagogue

The synagogue of Split is one of the oldest European synagogues still in its original use. It was established in the 16th century in the, at the time, a Jewish ghetto and it was formed of two floors of adjacent medieval houses.

The current interior was formed around 1728. The most sacred part, the Aron Hakodesh, is facing Jerusalem and it is of classicist style made of black and white marble. It It is built into the western wall of the Diocletian’s Palace, a 4th century palace of a Roman emperor Dicoletian!

Some of our Travel Testimonials

Especially the Jewish heritage of your country’s history we had no understanding of. Your guides on this topic were the best. They helped us understand what happened in your communities in the past and present. Our tour guide in Zagreb even though not Jewish and a broad knowledge of Jewish history and it’s impact in now Croatia, Our time in the Jewish Community Center was highlighted with the Rabbi giving us a tour of the chapel and museum. read more

Perry and Cindy Wolkowitz, USA

Explore Croatia | Private program

Thank you for choosing guides who were attuned to our interests. Branka, though not Jewish, certainly had spent a great deal of time reading up on the history of the Jews in Dubrovnik. Her knowledge of the synagogue and the history of the community were impressive. Lea, in Split, was a pleasure to be with as well. Her knowledge of Split and Trogir, together with her Jewish connection, which we had not known, were very much appreciated. She even introduced us to her father, who was a delight, and very interesting to talk with about the history of Jewish culture and life in Split. read more

Mr. & Mrs. Schlossberg, USA

Dalmatia Explorer

Judy and I have been sorting out the photos over the weekend and with each one we get excited over again! The trip historically (Split, Pula, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, etc.) the beauty (Hvar, The Dalmatian Coast, etc.) were extraordinary. We can’t think how you could have it planned better for us! read more

Judy and Ernie Glantz, USA

Jewish tour of Balkans

We truly appreciate how thoughtful you’ve been in making arrangements. Sonja even took us to the Jewish synagogue, and Tatjana knew exactly what our kosher dietary requirements were. Read more

Shutzman Family, USA

Discover Croatia | Private program

It was also really interesting to meet her father at the synagogue and talk to him as well. Although she gave us a tour with a focus on the Jewish aspects, she also was excellent on everything else and we would highly recommend her. She was so organized in her presentation of Split and its history, and gave so many interesting details. read more

Ellen and Richard Ranard & Ellyn and David Pontell, USA

Perfect stay in Croatia | Private program

Exposure to Jewish Heritage was nicely interspersed into our our daily activities. We also thoroughly enjoyed our two boat trips with very obliging skippers and crew. Thank you Dubravka for compiling such a fascinating and informative vacation. We will certainly recommend you to our friends. Read more

Berman and Hamburg Families, USA

Majestic Croatia

As you can see, there is a unique selection of sites in the region rich with history. Jewish Heritage Travel in Croatia gives a wonderful insight into the cultural and history perspective of the Balkans focusing on the art of traveling well as well as exploring the layers of local heritage.
From the multicultural Sarajevo to the sun drenched walls of Dubrovnik and alley of Split’s Diocletian’s Palace, this journey is tailored for special travelers.


Perfect for a multi-generational travel, no matter if you are chartering a yacht or staying firmly on land, Croatia has a lot to offer to family members of all ages! Contact us to design a trip all members of your family will love and remember.


Itinerary Creation

This itinerary was designed for those couples who love spending quality time together in nature, on water, and strolling through charming old towns. The activities are paired with splendid food and wine tastings for an ultimate experience. Enjoy the most memorable journey, from Zagreb and along the Dalmatian coast, visiting cities and places that will invigorate your romance. Contact us and together we will create the most romantic getaway based on your own preferences.

When to Travel

Visit from May to mid-October to get the most out of your trip. This itinerary features various outdoor and on-water activities so spring and summer would be the perfect months to come and enjoy it at its best. Although this trip is doable year-round, some activities may not be available during winter, and some hotels and restaurants closed. However, this may all be adjusted to your preferences, and you may combine or add other available activities to your program.


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