Food and Wine Travel in Croatia


Croatian food and wine are one of the most popular aspects of each travel arrangement but also a major reason for arrival for an increasing number of travellers and groups. Food and wine travel in Croatia is diverse as the country’s cultural heritage itself. From the Central European North, Hungarian influences East to Italian flavors of Istria and unique East-meats-Mediterranean on the coast. Each region has its own dishes, treasures they value and cherish. Food and wine travel in Croatia brings these treasures closer and opens the closed doors of old konobas, wine cellars, grandmother’s kitchens and introduces the travelers to the authentic tastes of the region.

Food and Wine travel in Croatia is as easy and dynamic as any other travel arrangements but we are still paying attention to have plenty of time to rest and enjoy. Food and Wine travel in Croatia is about enjoying the finest things in life! Various options exist: from regular, private trips to small group arrangements we do for our world wide partners and luxury travel if you want to go above and beyond the regular hotels and services.

Tailor made food and wine travel programs in Croatia

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Head on a unique journey of exploring the cultural subtleties, historical influences, unique terroirs, and local characters that come together in the most splendid food and wine tour of Croatia.

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Top 5 Best Food and Wine Travel Destinations in Croatia

Food and Wine Travel Destinations in Croatia

As mentioned, nearly all parts of Croatia have a very unique food and wine aspect worth exploring. However, some regions are better than the others and have more unique experiences to offer. Here is our list of Top 5 Food and Wine travel destinations in Croatia:

1. – Istria. Home to fantastic cuisine and great tastes. From olive oils to truffles
2. – Zagreb. Croatia’s capital has a lively food and wine scene!
3. – Šibenik region. Probably the most unique foodie region in Croatia
4. – Pag Island! Salt, lamb, cheese…
5. – Slavonia. Spicy and hearty dishes paradise!

All other regions offer a wide variety of fantastic selections of ingredients and dishes but these would be our favorites.

Best Croatia Food and Wine Travel Ideas

Food and Wine Travel Ideas in Croatia

There is no shortage to travel ideas for foodies while in Croatia! If you want to combine with Slovenia, another food and wine paradise, you can have a stunning tour of all senses with food to die for at every step. In Croatia Istria is not to be missed with its olive oils that are voted best in the world several years in a row now. Truffles, wines, pasta… all that makes a foodie holiday a great one is found here! The southern shores of Croatia are known for fantastic seafood and potent red wines. Just take a look at Anthony Borudain’s No Reservations episode or Discovery Channel’s Bizarre Foods to learn more of the surprises our coastal region brings to the table.
Islands are another part of the story. From lamb of Cres Island, Pag island sheep cheese to the fantastic culinary heritage of Korcula, Brac and Hvar… Dalmatian coast will surprise you at every step. If going off the beaten path is your thing, then Dalmatian countryside of Zagora or Slavonia will be fantastic places to visit for you. As all our tours and programs are fully customized, it is best to fill out our trip request form to make sure we create a perfect program for your food and wine travel in Croatia.


Štrukli & gemišt in Zagreb
Wine-pairing dinner at Meneghetti
Istrian olive oil tasting
Truffle hunt in Istria
Dinner at Pelegrini in Šibenik
Gourmet lunch at Bibich Winery
Cooking class in Trogir
Oyster tasting in Ston
Wine tour in Dubrovnik region


The suggested itinerary starts from 5.800 Eur per person (based on 4 guests).

The final price of this custom tour depends on the number of guests, travel dates, final route and preferred level of comfort.

Contact us for custom itineraries or fill out our Trip Request form.


Best Croatia Food and Wine Hotels

Croatia Food and Wine Hotels

In recent years, there is a growing number of specialized food and wine hotels in Croatia. Some of them are part of various consortias like the prestigious Relais & Châteaux. Over the years we have made our own selection of some of the finest properties with great focus on quality and presentation of our food and wine tradition. Here is a short list of 5 properties all over the country:

1 – San Rocco in Brtonigla, Istria was one of the first food and wine hotels in the Croatia
2 – Meneghetti Wine and Food Hotel is one of the finest
3 – Hotel Boskinac on Pag is one of our favorite spots
4 – Lesic Dimitri Palace on Korcula pays great attention not only to the accommodation but also to food and wine served at the property
5 – Korta Katarina Hotel and Winery in Orebic is a fantastic place in all aspects

There are others and new ones will be opening in the upcoming years but this is a very good base for every stay in Croatia.

Croatia Food and Wine Travel for Groups

Food and Wine Travel for Groups

Traveling as a special interest group is a great fun if your interest is food and wine! Meeting great winemakers, chefs and home chfes alike makes these journeys fantastic way to get closer to the culture and participate in some of the most intimate local rituals. Skradinski risotto is the best example of this! Winemakers are especially fun and love talking about their wines. Passion transcends easily on these trips and makes every trip quite special. It is easy to make new friends over a great meal and even easier over some fantastic local wines.
Itinerary on our Food and Wine travel in Croatia page is just a sample and these journeys are best custom tailored. We have worked in the past with a variety of specialty agencies and created some of the most unique journeys they ever had. While we cannot compete with France and Italy in the offer, we are a sure match in quality and even surpass them in authenticity. You will always meet a winemaker (when possible) and that is the key. No employee can talk as engaged as the winemaker himself! That is what makes our food and wine trips in Croatia so special and unique.

Food and Wine Shore Excursions in Croatia

Food and Wine Shore Excursions in Croatia

Big aspect of our offer was providing food and wine day trips as shore excursions from pretty much all habros on the Adriatic. From Rovinj to Zadar, Šibenik and Split, all the way to Korčula and Dubrovnik. In each place we have fantastic friends and offer to make your trip really special and memorable. While the negative can be not enough time in each location, the positive will be that you will be craving for more. And then we can discuss longer trips in the country to explore more as beyond the coastal towns lays a world of little known food and wine treasures. Some of our favorite food and wine shore excursions are:

Truffle hunt near Motovun
Istrian World class olive oil tasting
Bibich Wine cellar Wine Pairing
Olive Oils and Honey of Solta Island
Wine Tasting tour of Hvar Island
Wine tour of Peljesac
Oysters and Wine of Dubrovnik region
Peka classic cooking class in Konavle
Cooking class in Trsteno Gardens

If any of the visits inspires you to visit and learn/taste more, feel free to fill out our private trip request form for unique, customized private tour of Croatia.

Croatia Food and Wine Travel Packages

Food and Wine Travel Package in Croatia

Our Food and Wine travel in Croatia packages are always fully customized. You can use our itinerary as a good planning start but it is always best to fill out our private tour request form. That way we can prepare everything to match your specific interests, duration and budget.
Having a customized wine and food travel package means that you can have the maximum experience and enjoy everything at your own pace. We can make different focuses and adjustments that are not possible in fixed travel packages.
Our food and wine packages in Croatia always include accommodation, all transfers and all agreed tastings and meals…Only the private expenses will not be included making this a program to completely relax and enjoy.
Private packages always include local guides to best translate the experience but most of the winemakers speak good to great English and can have a direct conversation with you while on a food and wine tour of Croatia. Our guides share our passion for great food and wine and make perfect companions no matter if just for a day tour of multi day arrangements throughout the country.

Croatia Food and Wine Activities

Food and Wine Activities in Croatia

When it comes to wine and food activities in Croatia, they are pretty much standard like in other Mediterranean destinations. From olive oil tastings to oysters and truffle hunt and cooking classes. The difference is in people we work with. From fantastic chef Tatjana in Trogir to Katja in Trsteno near Dubrovnik. From chef Rudi of Pelegrini restaurant in Sibenik to Mr. Alen Bibic: one of the best winekares in the country… All these people present the difference we stand for: sustainability, authenticity and uniqueness in approach. Here is the list of some of the activities offered on our food and wine travel in Croatia:

Truffle hunt
Cooking class
Wine tasting
Oyster tasting
Olive Oil tasting
Mushroom foraging

Some of the activities are suitable for big groups and ideal for foodie team buildings or corporate outings.

Adventurous Foodies Travel in Croatia

Adventurous Foodies Travel

If you are an adventurous foodie, we have some fantastic treats! All depends if you are into cycling, hiking, sailing, climbing… we can arrange various activities like cooking in the outdoors, foraging for wild mushrooms, truffles, asparagus… or other interesting wild fruits.
Cooking in the outdoors and foraging are great fun and can be fun for entire families and we have some specialized guides that can create unique experiences in fantastic settings. Getting off the beaten path definitely means exploring and learning in this case! While that is not what everyone thinks of when looking for food and wine tours in Croatia, is definitely one of the unique aspects of traveling in Croatia.

Food and Wine Travel with Yacht Charter in Croatia

Food and Wine Travel with Yacht Charter

This is one of the most unique ways to explore Croatia and, no matter if you are traveling with your family or group of friends, yachting on an Adriatic is always special and unique. Food and wine travel in Croatia when chartering a yacht brings that special element of luxury and unique perspective. Combine that with all the islands and their rich cultural heritage, you have a very unique program without comparison in all of Europe. And beyond! From great wines of Hvar and Brac, Senjkovic wine pairing, Vugava wine of Vis, exotic Grk of Korcula, peka cooking at Bartulovic… all these experiences are much better when doing them from the comfort of your chartered yacht. And then, depending on the level of luxury, your private chef on the very gulet or the yacht, adds another dimension to your journey!

Luxury Food and Wine Travel in Croatia

Luxury Food and Wine Travel

When it comes to luxury food and wine travel in Croatia, we do have numerous options for you including luxury hotels and villas, exclusive access, behind the closed doors and with chefs giving their best on private events. Of course, only the best vintages will be served! For hotels, Menghetti in Istria or even fantastic Monte Mulini, Alhambra on Losinj, Palace Elizabeth on Hvar, Villa Dubrovnik or Villa Orsula in Dubrovnik and the fantastic Lemongarden hotel on Brac Island present great oasis of great food and wine and the ultimate stay options in the country.
Paired with top notch services throughout the program, this all makes a very unique program and memorable experience that will not be easily forgotten! Yachts are, again, best options if looking for the ultimate luxury stay and great island options with ultimate experiences in every destination: from Istria to Dubrovnik.

Must taste on Food and Wine Tour of Croatia

Must taste Food and Wine Croatia

There are numerous dishes and vintages in Croatia that every foodie should put on his/hers list! Here is just a small selection of some of Croatia’s best, iconic wine and food one can enjoy while traveling in the country:

Štrukli in Zagreb and Zagorje
White graševina of Slavonija
Kulen of Slavonija
Kremšnite of Samobor
White Istrian Truffles
Olive Oils of Istria
Scampi of Kvarner Bay
Sheep cheese of Pag
Honey of Solta Island
Plavac mali wine of Hvar
Vugava Wine of Vis
Grk wine of Korčula
Peka dome dishes
Lamb on a spit

There are, of course, other dishes worth tasting but these would be easiest available in many restaurants in specific regions

Some of our Testimonials from Food and Wine Tours

The food pairings were amazing and beautifully presented, a caliber of culinary execution we had not experienced elsewhere in Croatia. In general, the food was rustic and delicious. I felt we ate like the locals not tourists. The meals were filling and memorable as well as those doing the cooking, welcoming us into their homes. My favorite food experience is hard to pick but i am an oyster lover and they were fabulous as well as the mussels. read more

Terra Wines Tour of Croatia, USA

Food and Wine Tour of Croatia

Mike and I had an amazing trip and we cannot even tell you how much we love Nevis. She became our family and she was so intelligent on all topics. Her knowledge of Croatia and the history was impeccable. We would do Secret Dalmatia again and again with the exception of having Nevis as our guide. At the end of our trip in Venice we were all in tears, it felt as though we were leaving family behind. read more

Kimberly and Mike Janes, USA

Food and Wine Tour of Croatia

Tastes of Croatia are as diverse as the country iteslf. Various interests, variety of landscapes, Adriatic sea…all that makes Croatia a fantastic and exciting food and wine destination worth exploring. There are great wineries, chefs and restaurants, stunning restaurant terraces and lovely olive groves… all perfect for unique experiences for food and wine travellers!


It is impossible to explore all of Croatia’s fantastic food and wine traditions in only one trip but you simply have to start somewhere. Contact us for a private custom-tailored itinerary or browse the food and wine travel site for more ideas!


Itinerary Creation

This itinerary was designed for those couples who love spending quality time together in nature, on water, and strolling through charming old towns. The activities are paired with splendid food and wine tastings for an ultimate experience. Enjoy the most memorable journey, from Zagreb and along the Dalmatian coast, visiting cities and places that will invigorate your romance. Contact us and together we will create the most romantic getaway based on your own preferences.

When to Travel

Visit from May to mid-October to get the most out of your trip. This itinerary features various outdoor and on-water activities so spring and summer would be the perfect months to come and enjoy it at its best. Although this trip is doable year-round, some activities may not be available during winter, and some hotels and restaurants closed. However, this may all be adjusted to your preferences, and you may combine or add other available activities to your program.


50% deposit payment is due upon booking of this program. After we have received the payment, you will be sent an official confirmation to your mail. Balance payment is due one month prior to arrival. We accept wire transfer and major credit cards through our secure payment gateway (Visa, Amex, Mastercard). In case of significant changes after finalizing the trip, there will be a 250€ surcharge. For more information on Payments, visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Travel Agents

Secret Dalmatia’s team of travel designers is dedicated to creating custom-made itineraries that perfectly suit your clients’ interests. Providing exclusive experiences with our close-knit network of fascinating locals, experienced chauffeurs, and skippers, we aspire to provide unforgettable journeys in Croatia, and beyond.  We remain at your clients’ disposal 24/7 over phone as your company representative, securing your relationship with your clients and making sure they are taken care of at all times.

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