A journey to Croatia can be many things. Completely relaxing, abounding in beach time, boat rides and an easy pace. Active, replete with kayaking, hiking, cycling and other high-pulse activities. Educational, with many insights into heritage, culture, history, and traditions of the region. Or it can be all of those things, packed into one, skillfully-crafted and well-balanced journey. The trick to imagining your perfect vacation is knowing what wonderful possibilities exist out there.

Fuel your daydreams with our themed multiday travel itineraries below. These samples of private tours in Croatia are just that: samples. All of them can be further modified and adjsuted to your preferences, dates, wishes… Get inspired, see what’s out there, keeping in mind that everything can and will be tweaked to you, mixed and matched to create your luxury trip in Croatia and the region.


So much to do, so little time! Everyone who tried planning a trip on their own has at least once experienced the feeling. Options, choices, dreams, wishes, possibilities, so many things to weave together. Will it work for the timeline? Does it fit into the overall budget? Will it be good for everyone in the group? Will we miss out on something?

Spare yourself the trouble and enjoy a seamless travel experience from beginning to end! Instead of the many hours of Internet searches and booking engines, start your planning by filling out the trip request form.  We delight in planning private tours in Croatia as unique as each traveler who makes the journey so just let us know of your preferences and we’ll take care of the rest!