Demicco Family, USA
Tour of Croatia
May 2010.

Dear Alan,

As we looked forward to our second trip to Croatia, we were a little fearful that the experience might not live up to the expectation. After all, we had such a wonderful trip in 2009, how could a repeat visit possibly be as wonderful? Well, our fears were unrealized: our trip last month was just as spectacular as our first! It was a nice combination of new locations and a return (and better look) at some places we visited last year. As always, the contacts everywhere we went were exemplary in their friendliness, knowledge and reliability and the accommodations were out-of-the-ordinary. It was so nice to see some familiar faces, especially in Šibenik, where we now feel so much at home. We spent a delightful evening over a bottle of wine with Mira, and of course, Rudi takes extraordinary care of us! Our time spent with you and your family, walking in all those special, “secret” places was the highlight of our trip. It is unusual to have so much unspoiled beauty right at hand. It is always a pleasure to meet new people in Croatia: everyone we met is so passionate and proud of what they do and the contribution they are making, that it is truly inspiring. And they are so very generous in sharing that enthusiasm with others. That, of course, applies to you too! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at what you do, and thank you so much for becoming our friend. See us on Secret Dalmatia Blog!

Marie & Bill & Liz (Demicco)