Derek Yoder & Monica Abbraciamento, US
Honeymoon in Croatia
September 2016.

Monica & I hope you’ve been well! So sorry for the delay in responding with our comments on the trip. Good news – A couple we are friends with is getting married in Rome and will likely go to Croatia on their honeymoon! We will send them your way if they choose Croatia.

The short answer is the trip was absolutely amazing. We fell in love with your country, the people, the culture, and, of course, the food / wine / etc.

We honestly couldn’t think of anything to change / we didn’t like. It was tough for us to hit the winery’s / 13 course meal so soon after landing due to jet lag, but, that was OUR fault not yours as we chose to fly overnight and missed a night of sleep.

The only thing I think would be helpful would be to arrange some sort of system for tipping the many great drivers, guides, & skippers we encounter throughout the trip. It’s tough to always have the right amounts of Kunas in hand to pay each of them appropriately.

Perhaps at the end of the trip there could be a page with each persons name, what they did with you on the trip, and a recommended tip. Then, the person traveling wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to tip after each experience and can then tip them all at once at the end?

As far as favorites go — It’s hard to pick out a few because each city & experience was amazing in it’s own way.

If I had no other choice, however, here’s a few we’d personally highlight:

Krka Waterfalls – Unbelievable. It’s beautiful enough to look at, let alone be able to swim in. Loved this.
The private lunch on Brac at the family’s estate / winery. Such a hidden gem & had a great time talking life & culture with our guide. Was very happy he joined us for the meal / great conversation.
The private motor boat transfer / island hopping en route to Hvar — beautiful water, scenery, jumping in the water in the small coves with only 10-15 people in them, seeing the caves, and having a great skipper that could tell you history, the local beaches / sights, etc was such a wonderful and relaxing experience. It felt like a private jet ride on water.
All the wine tours were wonderful, we did love in particular the wine tours + abandoned village dinner on Hvar. The whole day had a combination of education, great conversation, great wine, and then the private / romantic dining experience in the village. It hit every note.
In Dubrovnik, the hotel you picked was absolutely stunning. Our room overlooked the local beach and we would sit out there, drink wine, and reminisce about the entire trip. The service and food at the hotel were both excellent as well.
Favorite spots in Dubrovnik were the trolley, the small uninhabited island off the coast that had the wild animals and beautiful beach on it (we found a spot to cliff jump & met another great couple there, was a blast). Also, the “beach bars” that were on the rocks outside the ancient walls were such a blast.

Again, everything was wonderful – those stand out to us personally because we loved the new experiences. Also, without the people (you, the guides, Croatian locals) we would not have had the same trip. The people of Croatia truly do make it special. Countless good conversations, jokes, etc just by meeting and talking to strangers who became friends.

We want to come back as soon as we can! Next time we plan on coming with friends. Drinks on us!

Derek / Monica