Dr. Carolyn M. Callahan, USA
Culinary Croatia
May 2014.


Dear Mirna,

We did enjoy the visit to Croatia immensely. Of course each of us had different “special days” or experiences, but we all raved about the truffle experience and the cooking class.
Zagreb was briefer for me, but our guide was excellent and we truly enjoyed the welcome dinner. The waiter was both entertaining and informative, and he also accommodated our need to try everything by bringing us “split dishes.” Hotel Esplanade was lovely. I had an upgraded room that was terrific—loved the space and the amenities.
Our guide in Rovinj was lovely and so very informative and did so much to accommodate our interests. The hilltop towns were very interesting, but I will say again that the truffle tasting was the highlight.
The Pelegrini restaurant was –as you predicted—another highlight. The chef was eager to explain his creations which were delicious and unique. The Hotel Lone was also a lovely place and the one meal we ate there in the dining room was excellent. We did have a cheese board one evening that was also very good. (Service in all the hotels was excellent.)
The Hotel Pasike was very centrally located and we loved being able to stroll through the town-witnessed a wedding and all the accompanying celebration. I know you cannot arrange that for all, but we did appreciate it!
Tatjana was so very special. We enjoyed every moment with her from the trip to the market to our last minutes with Tatjana and her husband. We stayed well beyond our scheduled time but never felt rushed or unwelcome. The food was spectacular and she accommodated the wide range of skills and tastes without every ceasing her commentary or every letting on any frustration with us!
Mario was very entertaining and like all of guides a great conversationalist! We enjoyed seeing and hearing of the ways a small wine maker operates. He presented a lovely lunch.
The trip to Mostar was interesting –longer drive than we expected—but the contrast to Croatia provided by the guide and the chance to see the restored city was well worth the time.
In general the food was extraordinary and the people were wonderful. Breakfasts in every place were plentiful and with a great variety. Proto and 36 restaurants were outstanding meal experiences as well.
All of our guides and chauffeurs were always on time, friendly, informative, and engaging.
These are my quick and unedited reactions. We would certainly recommend this trip to others enthusiastically so feel free to use my name as a reference. And we did appreciate your patience with us in the planning.
Of course, there is always a suggestion. We felt uneasy with the determining appropriate tips since we did not have individual costs for meals, tours, etc. It would be helpful to present some guidance to travelers on this issue.
Thanks so much for providing a wonderful experience for us.

Dr. Carolyn M. Callahan