Goo & Menotti Group II, USA
Private Majestic Croatia
October 2015.


The Menotti’s were also remiss in not speaking up sooner. We are in enthusiastic agreement with everything that Brent says in her email. We would add is that your tour showed us how much richer a travel experience can be when assisted by experienced guides. I think we would have missed a great deal if we had tried to do Split on our own, just to give one example. And it was a great relief to leave the driving chores to Christian, and not to have to worry about how to find our way around, much less about running out of fuel, etc. This group has done more than ten trips the old-fashioned way, with rental cars or vans we drove ourselves. While this lead to many unplanned adventures, the Croatia trip showed us that there is a better way. Thanks so much for everything.

David Menotti