Jon S. & James P., USA
Discover Dalmatia Private Program
June 2015.

Sorry for our delay, Diana. It is never easy coming back from a vacation and was especially difficult after such an incredible experience in Croatia.
Thank you for truly creating a hassle-free vacation. We can’t express enough how easy the vacation felt which allowed us to really relax and enjoy all the beauty of Croatia. Every excursion you created for us was planned with such precision and care that we felt completely comfortable and well taken care of the entire time. No detail was missed! Every guide and driver we met were extremely friendly and knowledgable and we enjoyed our interactions with all of them. The personal touches they were able to add to their torus really enhanced the experience.
Both of the hotels in Split and Dubrovnik were very nice and we’d stay in both of them again. Staff was helpful and friendly and the rooms were clean and spacious.
We loved Lana and both excursions with her. Would highly recommend Krka and lunch at Pelegrini.
Loved the wine tastings and dinner on Hvar Island – highly recommend.
We’d also highly recommend the meal in Ston with Mr Dennis.
As you know, we did not care for the hotel in Hvar. Not only were the rooms very very small but the “sea view” actually means that you can hear the club music being played loudly until 2am every night even with your window closed. The staff was also not very helpful and actually gave incorrect information. We would not stay here again. I know you warned us that your favorite hotels were already booked but this hotel was a miss.
The only excursion we wouldn’t do again (although we are glad we saw it) was the trip to Montenegro. Noting was wrong with it, we just didn’t think it was as special as the other trips you planned. Perhaps if we knew more details such as time in the car then we may not have gone. Also, if you said “highly recommend” or “guest favorite” on other excursions then we would have placed them above this one.
Overall we couldn’t be happier with the entire trip and all that you did for us. We would highly recommend your services to others and will definitely be using you again in the future. Thank you for everything. Please feel free to share or post our comments, without using our full names, and let me know if you have any follow up questions. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!