Karen Larsen and Bill Sobesky, USA
Honeymoon in Croatia
August 2015.


Thanks to you, your colleagues and your local resources, the trip was fantastic. Here are the highlights from my perspective; I will let Bill provide his own:

-My first inquiry was by phone on a Sunday and a “live” person answered! I think it was the owner or manager of Secret Dalamatia. This was totally unexpected. He immediately gave me a good feeling.
-Your colleague who went on maternity leave did an excellent job of working with me to outline what we might like, developed the first itinerary and, then, you seamlessly stepped in and provided excellent suggestions for revisions. And your presence “behind the scenes” as you said made all the logistics work perfectly.
-The itinerary of two nights in each of three places worked really well.
-The private lunch prepared by Tatyana and served by Kaja was very special. She is so talented and her food was creative, yet local and authentic. I felt like I was eating in a friend’s kitchen – but a friend who understands high quality food preparation. A real treat.
-Mario and his family’s vinarija was another special day. HIs passion and knowledge makes me appreciate wine from Croatia so much more. I loved going with him to check on whether the grapes were ready for harvest and stopping by the Grgic winery as they were bringing in the first harvest.
-All hotels, transportation and restaurants worked well. Dvor and Sesame were favorites. Our drivers were punctual, friendly and knowledgeable.

One suggestion and one recommendation:
Suggestion: the Lapad Hotel was nice but I would have preferred a smaller hotel, closer to the Old Town if possible and with a younger crowd. Thank you for the suite upgrade. That was luxurious.
Recommendation: as we mentioned by phone, the Rodiana restaurant was ok for lunch but we were glad we went elsewhere for dinner. No one is eating there and it might be for a reason??? I would take them off your list until you see evidence of it changing.

Sadly, our holiday is over and we must return to work. Your personal attention made the Croatia part of our trip very memorable. Thank you again.

Best regards,