Kranjcevich Family, USA
Family Trip to Croatia | Private program
October 2019.

After three years of attempting to plan our trip to Croatia with two other, highly recommended U.S. based agencies, we found Secret Dalmatia. 
Alan sold us a Peka dome which then turned into the trip of a lifetime for our family.  We entrusted Alan, Mariana and their colleagues with our trip.  Best decision ever.  They went beyond our wildest expectations.
We spent five years planning this trip, two of those years involved Secret Dalmatia.  A lifetime of dreaming, five years of planning  and twenty six days in country became a reality. 
We met people who became family.  We enjoyed foods that have become part of our everyday life.  We walked along the path that our ancestors walked and touched the house that was their home.  We learned the richness and the bounty that is Croatia.  We learned the hardiness and the strength that is her people.
Throughout the trip we used a car service with exceptional drivers.  From the moment that Petar greeted us at the airport we had no worries or concern about our transportation.
Our guides were always the best.  We were able to learn from knowledgeable, local guides about the history, culture and people that is Croatia.  These people love their country and are very proud to show her off.
Our hotel accommodations were always 5-star.  The staff were always helpful, generous and accommodating.  We did not encounter any language barriers during our stays.
Here’s a sample of what they arranged for us: old city guided tours, sea kayaking, personalized winery tour, heritage sites, personalized guided motorcycle tour, hinterland hiking, caving, motor yacht tour and National Park tours.  Each and everyone of these experiences were the best.
If you are looking to experience Croatia, look no further than Secret Dalmatia.  You will not be disappointed.
If you would like any additional information regarding our experience/trip please feel free to contact me at  I love talking about our trip to anyone that will listen.
The Kranjcevich Family
(Brett, Jona, Abigail and Chet)