Maryanne & William, Kenya
Honeymoon in Croatia
September 2016.

Hi Natasa,

Hope this finds you well. Here you go. Sorry it’s taken so long

When we set out to look for the best honeymoon package and destination, we had no idea we would get something that would be way beyond our expectations. As a couple, we knew we wanted to travel to Europe on our honeymoon but we had absolutely no idea where to start! So we initially we set out to speak to local travel agents who plan for Europe Trips, but none of their packages came close to what we were looking for.

After almost a month of searching, we saw some great reviews of Secret Dalmatia on Trip Advisor. This was the beginning of the most beautiful journey we’ve been on as a couple.

From the onset, we realised that Secret Dalmatia are not your typical travel agent – they go above and beyond to tailor a tour that speaks to your likes and above all comfort.
They went out of their way to answer all our questions and in no time at all, we were convinced Croatia would be 0ur honeymoon destination!!!

And we chose right 🙂 We fell in love with the country, the friendly people, beautiful weather and picturesque views. Natasa from Secret Dalmatia ensured we had a combination of all sorts of exciting things to do, from the walking tours of the Zagreb, to the breaktakingly beautiful Plifizer Lakes, on to the sunny shores of Split, Hinterland Hikes and a trip to Dubvronik. We loved everything about the trip, including the cooking classes with Tatjana and her family, the one-day boat ride visiting various islands and of course dinner in Hinterland with the most delightful guide, Dom.

For any couple, group of friends looking for exclusive travel in one of the most beautiful countries, we highly recommend Secret Dalmatia.

Great job Allan, Natasa and team for helping us create such beautiful memories. We look forward to our next visit.

Maryanne & William