Mckown family, USA
Private Family Tour
August 2015.

Dubrravka and Diana,

Thank you for the greeting upon our arrival in split, one of our favorite cities of the trip (especially thanks to the staff at Palace Judita). It was so nice to meet you and be able to thank you in person for all you have done.

We had an absolutely wonderful vacation. Croatia is beautiful and the people are even more so. From the food to the hotels to the wine to the beaches, Croatia is one of our favorite destinations. I would not hesitate to recommend secret dalmatian to any of our friends and family. Every detail of our tour was taken care of–the transfers were perfectly timed and our drivers and guides were all very professional. i must say that Diana was right on spot with what i told her my family was looking for.

I do, however, have one small suggestion. I feel, it would have been helpful if you would have added what to expect on the “different” excursions. please allow me to explain –on the day we sea kayaked we did not know if we had access to storage for our personal belonging (sunscreen,money, id, etc). another particular time i thought it would have been helpful was on our tour of Plitvice lakes. it would have been helpful if it was suggested that we wear comfortable walking shoes (tennis shoes) for the “hike”. the terrain was rocky and uneven and would have been difficult to have done it with sandals.

Again, I thank you for making our family vacation to Croatia one of the memorable ones.