Mr. Keith Barton Simmons, Mrs. Pat Marie Snyder and Mr. Robert Martin Garfinkle (3 guests), USA
Perfect stay in Croatia
October 2022.

This is my second full day back in Nashville. I am getting settled back into my real life. High on my list was the composition of an email to thank you for a wonderful trip.

This was a very important time for us. As you know, we had planned the trip for May, but very soon after receiving the itinerary, I knew that my wife’s protracted illness and death would be too raw in our emotions to attempt this trip at that time. The rawness has now dissipated somewhat, but the trip was a way for us to close the book on a really difficult phase of our lives. It was important that it be done right, and it was. Your planning and execution was extraordinary and made the trip everything it needed to be.

Allow me to highlight a few things that made the trip special for us. First, the hotels that you chose were exceptional. They were all very different. Each exuded class and elegance in its own special way. The service was exceptional at all five hotels. The tasting dinner at San Canzian was incredible and one we will remember for a long time. Being at Santa Lucia directly adjacent to the main gate to Diocletian’s Palace gave us a wonderful way to see Split. Giving us some downtime at Maslina was brilliant thinking on your part. We were ready for a little rest by the time we arrived on Hvar Island and what better place to do it than Maslina resort. Finally, Villa Dubrovnik was spectacular.

All the tour guides were great. Each had their own special personality. Each was willing to talk about themselves. Getting to know each of them on a more personal level made spending time with them more enjoyable and opened us up to feel free to ask more probing questions about our surroundings and your country.

Being in people’s homes, be it Tatjana’s kitchen or Mario’s 500-year-old winery/home or the farmhouse in Konavle Valley, were really unique experiences that one does not normally have as a tourist. By the way, Mario is a real trip. And speaking of real trips, How about Mirna? We all had our favorites among favorites, but Mirna was mine simply because she had this infectious enthusiasm for the natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes. Darvana at the silk making experience was a unique personality whom we enjoyed immensely, and I would be remiss if I did not mention the truffle hunt with Vann and Tonci. I also want to commend our boat crew. They were so much fun and so knowledgeable. By mentioning some of our guides, do not think I am relegating others to grade B status. We loved them all.

I could go on for many thousand more words, but I want to close by especially congratulating you and your team for the planning and execution. Everyone was on time. We were never apprehensive about whether someone was going to pick us up or where we were supposed to be. The pace was perfect. Some days were full and tiring, and some days gave us respite to refuel. Nothing was left to chance. I particularly appreciated being able to meet you on our first morning in Split.

I would recommend Secret Dalmatia to anyone looking for an amazing experience in Croatia. In fact, I have already been singing your praises. I will certainly have my say on Tripadvisor and Google Reviews.

Finally, I want to come back. You have an amazing country populated by friendly, helpful, cheerful, interesting people. We did not encounter a single disagreeable person the whole time we were there. So, you may hear from me again.