Mr. & Mrs. Lenstra, Canada
Discover Croatia & Bosnia private program
May 2015.

Dear Diana,

As I said in my last email, our visit to Croatia/Sarajevo was exceptional.  There are so many of your guides and drivers who made the experiences wonderful.  The hotels were all very comfortable and the staff excellent.  I would suggest that if you have guests staying in Hotel Europe, Sarajevo, the larger rooms are very dark and the bathroom is not what most would appreciate.  It was comfortable, the service was good despite the fact that they were very busy and the breakfasts excellent.

Marija in Dubrovnik was very pleasant and knowledgeable.  Climbing the walls did not kill us and we were so happy that we did it!

Dajana and Drivers in Sarajevo were 200%.  She gave us the perfect tour of the city, then the most fun day in the Bosnian Highlands.  She realized we were only 5km hikers and they planned the trip accordingly!  We visited a village (without amenities) where Mountain people lived.  It was exceptional.  A very spry 78 years young lady invited us in for coffee!  It was an experience of a lifetime!  The mountains were so exceptional!  I know mountains and these were the most beautiful I have ever seen.  Dajana found a great restaurant in the middle of the mountains (????) where we had lunch!  We had so much fun bouncing along the mountain roads – I giggled so much my sides ached!  The driver who took us to Split (can’t remember the name) was also exceptional and pointed out many interesting things along the way.  

Just when we thought we could not enjoy anything as much as the Bosnian Highland tour, Domagoj  took us on the Dalmation Hinterland trip.  again 200%. The landscape was so stunning, the personal touches he added to the trip were a first for us and so exceptional that I can only say – ‘What a fabulous man’!  

Dalibor was so extraordinarily pleasant.  The long trip plus the hike at Pltvice with Ivana was very enjoyable.  I was happy that we were not there at the height of tourist season because of the crowds – there were thousands of people there!

Ljerka was not able to take us on our Pula/Rovinj tour but more than made up for it when we went on the wine tasting tour.  More giggles!  She chose 3 very different wineries who all treated us so nicely.  THE LUNCH!  Oh my goodness, that was the best restaurant gourmet lunch EVER!  
Ljerka was so lovely, I wished I had a daughter just like her!  Again, an exceptional day!

Then the Truffle Hunt!  Exceptional!  Worth every penny!  The dogs were so fun, the lady adorable, the truffle lunch along with local wine,  out of this world!  YUM!  Zdenka did a great job organizing the stops along the way plus the lunch.

So, as you can see, you get 200% for organizing the best holiday ever!  You organized it with great sensitivity and care.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most memorable experience.  Please thank Alan for all that he organized for us – I suspect he may have organized Dalmation Hinterland tour with Dom.   The joyful experiences we had were way above our expectations and that does NOT happen often.  Croatia and it’s people, however diverse, were absolute treasures.

With Gratitude,

The Lenstra’s