Ms. Eisfelder, Ms. Black & Ms. Slater, USA
Private Tour of Croatia
May 2015.

Dear Mariana,

As we head towards Budapest and out of Secret Dalmatia protection, we feel sad to leave you and Croatia. There are tour agents who can plan a great itinerary but there are few who can plan a fabulous itinerary (with tweaking from us), be extraordinarily efficient and prompt ALL the time, figure us out and know exactly what to do in every situation. Our trip could not have been more perfect – even the weather for which you were probably responsible also!

We can’t even begin to describe the comfort we felt having you as our agent. While I am a travel agent by avocation and absolutely fussy, you exceeded our expectations. You are calm, charming, informed and mature beyond your years. You adjusted quickly when we asked for a later transfer because we wanted to stay longer in a city or sleep a little later. When we had a free day in Dubrovnik on my birthday, the night before at 9:30 p.m. I emailed you because all of a sudden I decided to do something special. Within 15 minutes we had a plan: a speedboat and skipper to take us to Eliphati. Seriously, that would not happen ANYWHERE but with Secret Dalmatia! You added a private speedboat so we wouldn’t have to hassle with the ferry. You arranged to have a driver go back to Ljublijana from Zagreb when one of us left a hanging bag in the closet – that took you 5 minutes and relieved a great deal of stress. When my back “went out” it was only a matter of another few minutes before I had an ap
pointment with one of the best orthopedists in Zagreb, enabling me to continue with the rest of our trip. I don’t think there is anything you cannot do.

We are all so appreciative and will remember you fondly until we can meet and enjoy dinner and wine again. If you EVER want me to talk to a prospective client, we are your people. We would never think of coming to Croatia without you.

Best of everything always,

Jill, joined by Arlene and Joanne

Jill S. Eisfelder