Patricia and Robert Jacobs, USA
Discover Slovenia | Private program
May 2019.

Hi Ivana-

Thanks for your email. We are finally getting settled back into our usual routine! We had a wonderful trip–so many good memories. We were very happy with all of your arrangements. Each guide was special in their own way. Tim (driver from Vienna to Slovenia) made us feel very comfortable and the drive went by quickly since we chatted almost the whole way. Tim and Robert connected over US Basketball, among other things. Stacia (please excuse my spelling) was warm and welcoming and she gave us a great tour of Ljubljana, including a few places familiar to her personally, and that we would never have visited otherwise. On our last day, Luca gave us a fabulous trip to Lake Bled, etc. He went out of his way to provide a perfect day (including rowing us out to the island), and modifying the day to include a ride up the gondola at the ski area. He was extremely knowledgeable about the area and an expert on all things outdoors! The day we spent with him was a real highlight of the trip, and was a nice change of pace from all of the “city” touring we had done. The Hotel Cubo worked out very well–perfect location for walking to the restaurants, etc. Almost forgot our guide in Vienna (Vipka, I think?). She was also excellent and very energetic, so that we enjoyed ourselves in spite of the rainy weather we experienced for both tours. Throughout the trip, we felt like we learned so much about the culture, people and history of the area, and this is what we love about traveling to new places.

Thanks again for all of your help!

Best Regards,