Perry and Cindy Wolkowitz, USA
Explore Croatia | Private program
June 2018.


Yes we had an adventure getting home, but we made it.
The program was well worth it. Your country is beautiful and the people were wonderful.The food and drink were the best. The hotels were all wonderful, the breakfast well we did not leave hungry.
All of the tours and tour guides and drivers were amazing and were on time. Especially the Jewish heritage of your country’s history we had no understanding of. Your guides on this topic were the best.
They helped us understand what happened in your communities in the past and present. Our tour guide in Zagreb even though not Jewish and a broad knowledge of Jewish history and it’s impact in now Croatia, Our time in the Jewish Community Center was highlighted with the Rabbi giving us a tour of the chapel and museum. This is the first time the guide (which I now forget his name – and which we spent a lot of time up to 16:30 pm including lunch) learned from the Rabbi. A true experience.

Other highlights (in no particular order).
Wine tour with Mario – ended up being a wink feast. We met his family, lunch was very good and this was my introduction to Croatian wine, we I spent the rest of the week drinking.
The hike to nowhere with Dom – he showed up places where mostly he knows. The scenery was beautiful and quite calm because of no people around. His picnic lunch by the lake was extraordinary!
National Park tours were amazing. We did enjoy the landscape the waterfalls were pretty and as we got closer the wetter we became.

In addition the World Cup taking place with Croatia in it. We were able to enjoy the games in Split and Zagreb. In Split we watched by our hotel. They made place for us and gave us some drinks on the house!
After that I did buy a shirt (plus 2 more to take home). For the Knock Round game against Denmark, we started the game in Town Square (wearing my shirt) however it was so crowded we left after the first half. The second half we watched in the hotel terrace, where by chance sat next to man from New Jersey (not far from where we live, he was here on business) with 2 locals that worked with him. We continued watching and cheering when we can. After the second half with no scoring, we were going to leave, but the locals asked us to stay – fearing we might bring bad luck to Croatia we stayed to the end. With victory we went to bed happy. I wore by Croatian shirt to dinner last night in the states at a place frequented by soccer fans and were warmly greeted by fans that are now rooting for Croatia because their country Columbia is now out. How cool was that.

I will forward some pictures when I have a chance. Again thank you for an amazing program and water, fruit and wine in our rooms. You can use our name & email for recommendations to prospective clients.
For another question now. 

Cindy and Perry