Roberta & Linda Albus, USA
Majestic Croatia small group tour
September 2014.

Thank you so much Mirna and Secret Dalmatia for providing a wonderful vacation for us. It is almost impossible to imagine how this trip could have been better. You provided a great itinerary, fabulous driver and guides, unexpectedly luxurious accommodations, wonderful food, variety of experiences and responsiveness to unforeseeable circumstances (weather) and you did it all with grace and elegance. I was especially appreciative of the fact that you varied our days and our events. You mixed sightseeing with wine tasting and hikes in the parks with outstanding cooking classes and great food. Days on the water and in the water were coupled with nights walking the cobblestone streets of ancient towns and villages. Fabulous. History was told by all the guides and told with knowledge and honor and pride. I have to take a moment and point out a couple of my favorite people. First of course Mirna is you. You were very responsive both in the planning stage and during the trip. Great job. Then Tony. He is wonderful and talkative, knowledgeable, proud of his country always courteous and gracious and a great driver as well. My two favorite local guides were Antonia and Tatiana. The first day of Secret Dalmatia tour, we meet Tony in Budapest, drive to Zagreb, settle into a great hotel and then meet our local guide, Antonia. What a wonderful first day of a fabulous tour. She is beautiful, bright, happy, energetic, gracious, proud and extremely informative and knowledgeable. 10 out of 10 and it’s only our first day!. Then there is Tatiana. How can one be any better? We loved our walk in the market, cooking class, meeting the family and eating a six course meal. Tatiana is again a 10 out of 10. Please don’t let this detract from the other local guides. They were all very, very good and we were happy with all of them.

It would be wrong for me to not point out areas that could be improved. Don’t take it as a bad note, however, because if we had to do it over again we would be overjoyed if it went exactly the same. First. Communication during the car ride and walking tours was sometimes difficult. The microphone in Tony’s car wasn’t working and the ladies in the back row of seats sometimes (often) missed out on the conversations. I know this is difficult if not impossible to fix, but feel I need to mention it. Lots of tours these days use headsets and earphones to communicate with large groups. This may not be legal during car rides, but it should be considered. I can mention the same problem with the walking tours. Sometimes things are related only to the people walking alongside the tour guide and other members of the group miss out. Headphones and microphone would be a great help. We were a small group, so this was a small problem. Someof the guides were better than others at waiting for the group to coalesce before speaking, but it’s not easy when everyone is wandering off to take pictures. I said first now second. There is no second. No other suggestions. Fabulous job. I will recommend you very highly and will recommend Croatia to everyone who will listen. Thank you. Keep doing the wonderful job you are doing and soon Croatia will be the tourist destination of the decade. Bob and Linda