Srinivasan family, USA
Private Majestic Croatia Itinerary
April 2016.

Dear Mariana,(please share with Alan)

We are back and out of jet lag and back to real life. I think living in Split would be something I would love to consider!!!!
We enjoyed working with Secret Dalmatia and more so with you in particular as our planner /tour expert. Alan is very fortunate to have capable people in the office to help him organize these trips. Please convey our thanks to him and of course our “praise for Mariana”.
We liked many aspects of the trip.
1.  Attention to details.
2.  Matching driver /guide personality with the client.
3. Enjoyed the knowledge of the guides and their personalities especially, Ljerka, Dino and Nives. 
4. Drivers were extremely professional ,yet gave a personal touch to tours when guides were not in the car. Starting from our pick up with Ivan and then Eddy and his wife,Renata  to of course our all time favorite Tekomir.
 5. We liked your care in picking hotel choices that would give us a sense of history along with comfort.The hotels were all within walking distance of the main square which was very handy to do things on our own.
The whole trip was made extremely enjoyable thanks to the constant interaction via emails. We were sent information in a very timely manner along with all the contact information and other travel information.Mariana was always available to answer queries The added nice touch was your welcome note in both rooms when we arrived along with your phone number.
The personal touch was very evident all through the trip and we thank you as a family for a very wonderful vacation to your lovely country. We will be back!!!!
Kind regards