Stephanie Leone & Thomas Hanlon, USA
Private charter | Sailing in Croatia
June 2017.


We have greatly enjoyed two trips to Croatia in 2016-2017 organized by Secret Dalmatia. The first trip was a visit to Split during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Secret Dalmatia arranged two fantastic hiking tours: one to the Hinterlands and one to Brac, both with Dom. On the Hinterlands tour, he showed us a beautiful and little discovered part of the Croatia mainland where we learned about the region’s history and nature while hiking. The day culminated with a delicious lunch prepared by Dom on a picturesque hill overlooking a lake. Truly spectacular! Our hiking trip to Brac was equally breathtaking. After a stunning hike down a cliff face to the Blaca Monastery, we were treated to an exquisite traditional meal (peka) at a tavern that had been opened just for us (since it was off-season).

Our most recent experience with Secret Dalmatia was a chartered sailing trip for a week in June. We departed from Split and sailed among the islands of Hvar, Pakleni, Vis, Korcula and Mljet before disembarking in Dubrovnik. The sailboat was gorgeous (Bavaria 51) and our skipper (Ivan Vekic) was wonderful and ensured that we had a perfect vacation. He was attentive to our interests, chose just the right places for us to stop and swim each day and evening, and his dinner recommendations (including making all reservations) were fantastic. He is a lovely person and a super captain.

In summary, Secret Dalmatia’s knowledge of the region, their ability to organize a vacation tailored to your needs, the quality of the personnel and the people they work with, and their ability to DELIVER on their commitments are exceptional. Simply, you can TRUST Secret Dalmatia to give you a unique and truly remarkable vacation experience in this beautiful region of the world.

Tom Hanlon & Stephanie Leone