Sue McCarthy, UK
Private tour of Dalmatia
August 2009.

I promised to give you feedback on the holiday you arranged for us.
Firstly, overall everything was superbly organized. Every person that you had chosen was excellent – flexible; friendly; nothing was too much trouble; they turned up on time and were full of enthusiasm. I can’t say anything better than that.
The hotels were all very good. My only adverse comment relates to the Adriana. The hotel was the most “chic” we have ever stayed in; unbelievable views over the harbor; fantastic swimming pool and cabanas; the bars were just sublime, with service to match. However, the room was SO small, I just wanted to get out. So “designer” but you could hardly move. You might like to warn any potential visitors – it may not bother people but I think it’s just as well to be aware.
Having said all that, your flexibility and efficiency was wonderful. If you require any references, I’m always willing to say good things!