Terrence & Penelope Ellwood, Canada
Discover Croatia | Private program
September 2014.


Dear Mirna,
As I am writing this, we are sitting in the shade with a karlovačko outside our luxurious Vestibul Hotel in Split, being intermittently serenaded by the wonderful male singer group that seems to almost live here. Every few minutes they sing for the tourists in the Vestibul itself and then sit around and drink coffee with us guests – it’s great!

We just wanted to let you know that this has been one of our most memorable trips ever! The pace of the itinerary was just about perfect for us. Somehow, whenever we needed to rest or just do something spontaneous, you managed to create that opportunity. Some of the activities you organized for us were absolutely special – like dinner in the mountains on the island of Hvar, and, for sure, our cooking adventure with Tatjana for sure.

I can’t say enough about all the wonderful people we have met. Without exception, all of our guides and drivers have been outstanding and have given us not only some insight into the history and culture of your country, but, almost more importantly, a little of their own perspective of what it’s like to grow up here and to live here now. Starting with yourself, it was such a great pleasure to meet you (I wish we had more time!), and then there was Maria who was charming and fun, Bozo who was interesting (and so handsome!), and young Alan who on the boat trip out of Hvar (how perfect to hear his 25 year old perspective, and of course Lana here in Split who is so wise, yet so positive, and Tatjana, such a sweet, bubbly kind and caring person (we felt like old friends when we left!). I haven’t mentioned them all, but all were very kind to us and very professional in their roles.

Your organizational skills are awesome! We have never had to worry about a thing. Wherever we went, people seemed to be expecting us… Amazing.

For sure, we will be recommending your company to anyone who asks about coming to Croatia. I know for sure, we will be back and it is our greatest wish that we will be able to bring our dear friends, the Desipios, who were so instrumental in arranging all this, with us.

Take care.
Kindest regards,

Pepe and Terry