Thomas i Deborah Britton, USA
Discover Croatia private tour
October 2015.

Our time in Croatia is soon coming to an end. We arrived in Dubrovnik this afternoon and checked in to the Villa Dubrovnik, which is of the same wonderful character as all the facilities Mirna reserved for us. Spectacular! One of a kind! The best in Dubrovnik.

Every part of our trip has been spectacular, from the hotels, our B&B, our hosts, the tour guides, the drivers, the food, the restaurants, the interactions we’ve had with the people, the scenery, the highways, our transportation vehicles, and even the pace of our trip.

I suppose there are times when having s good time pales in comparison to one’s real feelings. I think in our case having a good time has been elevated to a higher more fundamental feeling….pure joy! That’s how we feel…joy… with everything that we have experienced. EVERYTHING…

There is nothing we can think of that we would have changed with our trip. Every person, every stop, every event has been memorable. The cooking class which, as you remember I was only luke warm about, was instead one of the highlights of our trip. The wine tour, which I unsuccessfully tried to argue would be “nothing new”, was just the opposite. We learned more in a day about grape growing and wine making that I’ve been able to absorb in 20 years. And Mario, our host, wine grower and producer, toured us through his properties which have been in his family growing grapes and making wine for 400 years. Wow! Then he served us lunch accompanied by drinking his wines in his home in his village of only about 20 inhabitants. It all seemed too much to absorb. So much history and so much living.

And we still have three more days to enjoy even more. Someone, please stop us from having so much fun.

Everyone with whom we spoke about Secret Dalmatia only responded in glowing terms, “The Best”, “Professional and Caring”, “Serve only the best clientele”, “I am honored to be on their team”, and on and on! We agree.

The people of Croatia are among the friendliest that we’ve ever encountered in our traveling lives. They have been warm, welcoming, personal, interactive, informative, and just plain fun…we have laughed a lot with them. And we learned from them so much more than we expected was possible.

I could go on and on, but my guess is that you get my point. Debbie and I have enjoyed this adventure perhaps more that we’ve enjoyed any other. It certainly has been the most special and personal. We hope Secret Dalmatia offers tours to other countries because the formula and care with which Mirna has served us can not be exceeded. We would repeat our business with her in a heart beat. And, also with you! Thanks for working through her and I hope we can work together again.

Please let Mirna know that if I would gladly serve as a reference for her. All she has to do is ask! Our only disappointment was we didn’t get the chance to personally meet her. She had business commitments which she had to honor. Hopefully, next time.