Valerie and Nicole Nicholson, USA
Private Tour of Croatia
August 2011.


Sorry for the delay in getting a very happy response to you. It has been a challenging re-entry into regular life and with Jet lag and full blown work requirements I have been distracted.

Here is a couple of pictures, one of us in the olive grove for dinner, a couple at Cedo’s and the other from the fortress in Hvar. Hvar was Nicoles favourite Croatia spot as I think she like going to the beach club every day and watching all the boats (and beautiful people). J
Our trip was amazing and there were so many highlights. I would have to say that all the side-trips we did were our favourite times. Hotels are hotels and even though each was lovely and the people were very accommodating, it was getting out of the tourist zones and meeting with some of the local people that made me love your beautiful country.
Our first guide, Davor who took us to Plitvice was like having a friend for the day. We chatted about all kinds of things and he pointed out all the various interesting sites and gave us a really good feel for the area. A very nice, intelligent man with a warm personality. One of the best days for sure.
Each one had their own unique personality and brought so much to our trip, thank you for arranging the itinerary and I must say you did an amazing job. I would recommend your method of travel in a minute for families who want to see Croatia, both from a tourist perspective and from a “insiders” view. I very much enjoyed our afternoon with Cedo, he was a very interesting man, the food was AMAZING, and it was a very nice break for the day to be at someone’s home and not in “travellers” mode.
A very special thank you must go to Mario who picked us up from the Korcula ferry and spent the afternoon with showing us his vineyards and sharing his family history. By far the best day of our trip for feeling like we had a chance to see Croatia the way it should be seen. He taught us so much about the wine making process, I found it fascinating. One our favourite sayings to people here at home is that Mario had more history in his kitchen than Vancouver has in the entire city.

All in all, one of the best times Nicole and I have had together and the memories will be cherished. Again, this trip would not have been the same without your help so I thank you for knowing what people really need.