Barbara and Allan Millar, Canada
Private Tour of Croatia
September 2015.

It is good to be home and somewhat caught up on our sleep after the ten hour flight and eight hours time change.
We do what to thank you again for keeping in touch on our travels in Croatia and especially for rearranging the ferry trip from Hvar to Korcula. Every aspect of our stay in Croatia was a marvellous experience from our first greetings in Spit to our bon voyage from Dubrovnik.Each of our guides was first class. The history lessons were excellent, but also the culture and personal experiences of our guides was a bonus. Our drivers too, were courteous and very attentive.
Highlights of our trip? There were several. We did so enjoy our lunch with Cedo. The lunch itself was enjoyable but also the conversation was so interesting. A fine dinner in the olive grove was the culmination of a wonderful day of seeing the island from one end to the other and from the highest point. Not forgetting the most enjoyable wine tasting stops. Monti was a great host. None of us had ever had mussels before and certainly never enjoyed oysters such as we enjoyed on Dennis’ family island. He and his wife prepared a great feed.
Our thanks again to you and Diana for providing us with an exceptionally fine two weeks.
Barbara and Allan