Bob and Andrea Pryor, USA
Croatia Explorer
September 2015.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but things have finally settled down and I have largely caught up from my time on vacation.

Our trip to Croatia was truly memorable. We thoroughly enjoyed our itinerary, the people we met, the guides that you provided and the beauty of Croatia. We are sorry that we were not able to stay longer and see more. I would have enjoyed going to various locations in Istria, some of the other off-shore islands and Slavonia.

In retrospect, while we thoroughly enjoyed Split and Dubrovnik, and would not have wanted to miss them, the highlights of the trip were visiting the islands of Hvar and Brac. They were truly unique and memorable. The excursions you provided and our interactions with your guides added so much more to the overall experience.

The hotels that you chose for us were generally of very high quality and well located. The guides who you assembled were generally very, very personable and knowledgeable

I suppose if we had any suggestions for enhancing the experience, I would offer only these a) the guides on the island of Hvar were not quite of the same caliber as the remainder of the guides that you provided ( but weren’t bad), b) it was probably a little too much for us (but perhaps not for others) to provide two wine tastings sequentially on two separate days. When the second wine tasting on Brac did not materialize, our guide, Dom, who was superlative, took us to a tavern where we roasted lamb and had the most amazing meal in a vineyard overlooking the island and the coast. That followed an earlier wine tasting with a truly memorable world class accompanying menu.

My wife and I would definitely recommend Secret Dalmatia to anyone interested in visiting you beautiful country. We have already recommended you to one friend.. Feel free to post this on Trip Advisor.

Bob and Andrea Pryor