Brenda Ellerin & Stephen Dubin, USA
Discover Dalmatian Coast - Private Itinerary
July 2016.

Vlasta- Thank you so much. We had an amazing vacation. I am already recommending you and your company to family and friends. All the transfers worked out perfectly and really help reduce the stress of having to figure out where to go. I thought that overall the itinerary was great. We loved something about every location (will give more detail below). If I were to do it again may have a tweak or two, but really everything was so special. Here are some comments that I hope are helpful.

1) Guide from Venice to Ljubljana was great. Really knowledgeable, interesting and helpful. The cave and castle were really great to see as was the general countryside. When we got into Ljubljana he stopped and took us to the main cemetery. I always like to see off beaten track sites and this was interesting. We stayed at Hotel Vander which was good boutique hotel and great location. I know you didn’t help with day in LJub, but would really recommend people going if some of your clients are interested. We loved the city and just did the free walking tour and explored (castle, park) on our own. Much less touristy than other parts of trip, young and fun crowd (but not over the top partying like Hvar).

2) Plitvice Lakes so beautiful. Great that we had guide. So helpful getting around as it was pretty crowded that day. He took us in the back way at one point so we were not with the whole crowd and got to explore some parts on our own.

3) Split- Was least charming of the places we went (and I wasn’t expecting it to be so big). But of course the highlight was our cooking class. We had so much fun with Tatiana and her husband we didn’t want to leave. Also, the tour of the Palace was very interesting and I like Lea a lot. Interesting and personable. The first night we went to dinner at Brasserie 7. That was not my favorite part of city and restaurant was just ok. The next night we just ate in part of old city which I like much better. Boat ride to blue cave was great and the skipper found a great lunch spot and uncrowded bay for swimming which was amazing. Hotel Park Split was very nice.

4) Hvar- I found actual town charming and we LOVED the wine tour/dinner so happy we went. The hotel had paper thin walls and the A/C in our room wasn’t working. They gave us fans, but it wasn’t great. Also, you were right about kids would have loved it. We slept with ear plugs in. Day we went on wine tour we just hung out at hotel pool nearby which was really good to have a day to sleep in and hang by pool/beach.

5) I didn’t realize the travel from HVAR to Dubrovnik was really a full day (and not sure if it would have been better to take private boat with maybe stop at Mljet and then on to Dubrovnik.. or even cost-wise possible). But having said that, you know we loved our driver and he made what could have been a so-so day really fun. Also, scenery interesting and beautiful so worked out well.

6) Dubrovnik- Hotel Villa Dubrovnik was spectacular- I wish we could have stayed there longer! I thought tour with Maris was ok. She was a little less personable than some of our other guides and her tour was a little more history fact based than conversation.

7) Day of boating from Dubrovnik was good, but if I knew it was 2 hours each way to Mljet ( I probably would have rather stayed around the Islands closer to Dubrovnik). Mljet was beautiful. We rented bikes rode around the lakes. We didn’t stop at Islands on way back (although skipper offered) cause it was getting late and we felt like we didn’t spend enough time in the old city. So we went and walked the walls. We had two really good dinners in Dubrovnik. 1 at Pantarul (steve thinks this was his best meal) and Horizont. The owner at Horizont was great and brought steve and I free drinks because there was a huge thunderstorm and they had first put us outside.

8) Drive down to Aman was good and tour guide Kate was interesting and sweet. At that point though we were kind of tired of touring and couldn’t wait to get to Aman so probably rushed it a little. If I were to do again, I may have not done the tour and just gone right to Aman and looked at beautiful scenery of the Bay on the way. Also, two big tour ships were at Kotor when we were there. Kate found us a good lunch spot with healthy food!

9) Aman was amazing! We stayed in Villa (and not on Island). We couldn’t decide which to do and I still don’t know which would have been better.

10) Drive back to airport worked out well. Steve left something in car and driver was so nice and found us at airport about 20 minutes after he had dropped us to bring it back. (I am only calling him driver because I am so bad remembering names which aren’t familiar to me. )

All the people we dealt with were great. Nice, helpful and interesting. Their English was also very good which made it easy on us. Really helpful that you gave restaurant suggestions and contact info at every stop. Thanks again for helping plan this. Steve and I were saying we need you to expand into other countries so you can plan other trips for us! You really spoiled us! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again,