Rosemary Clark & Geoffrey Poynter, Australia
Discover Croatia
June 2016.

Hi Natasa

Geoff and I are back in Melbourne, adjusting to winter and resuming normal life again. I just wanted you to know we enjoyed our trip immensely. It was great to be able to meet the guides and talk to Croatians about life in Croatia as well as hearing about the places we were visiting. We learned a lot.

I would particular like to mention the Dalmatian guides, who seemed to be particularly well briefed about us and our interests. Nives, who met us at Split, took the initiative to rearrange our schedule as we had already visited one of the places on our itinerary while on the cruise. We had a fabulous day in the Krka park and her solution was highly satisfactory.

Thank you for your work on our behalf.

Kind regards, Rosie and Geoff