Eric Schuman & Albert Folsom, USA
Explore Croatia | Private program
June 2016.

Dear Vlasta and Alan,

We couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience with Secret Dalmatia, from our first phone call from Alan, until we were picked up promptly at the hotel and delivered to the airport in Dubrovnik to return home.

You chose terrific hotels for us. They were all clean, adequately spacious for our needs and located perfectly — considering factors such as noise, access to city center attractions and our ability to walk to the best sites.

The guides were all prompt, friendly, professional and had a great sense of humor which we appreciated. The drivers were welcoming, helpful in orienting us to the area and added the personal touch of allowing us to learn about their home and work lives in Croatia.

We had some real surprises on this trip. As our time to fly from Milan to Zagreb approached, I had some anxiety about how we would manage on our own for most of two days in the City. How would we order food, find our way around, ask for help if we needed it? It was such a relief to learn that nearly everyone in the country speaks English — far more common than in Italy, where we’d just left.

Croatia values cleanliness — I’m embarrassed to say, more than in our country. We felt comfortable and safe everywhere we went. We also never felt any discomfort with being a same sex couple traveling in Croatia.

One regret — I wish we had included Plivitce on the itinerary while traveling from Zagreb to Split. Toni took us to an overlook where I got some fantastic shots of all the waterfalls. In talking with him and with other travelers, it’s not always jammed with tourists. I think if we had planned an 8 a.m. arrival to somewhere other than the main gate, we would have been very pleased. One suggestion — as you write out the itinerary, give a more explicit idea of the time we’ll spend with guides. For example, we knew that on Brac, we’d be returning sometime in the afternoon. It would help to know it’s really an all day excursion and the boats return only at 3:30 and 6:00 p.m. Spending any less time than a full day on Brac would be a mistake. That island with its diversity, history, archaeology and beauty is an absolute gem.

Croatia is a relatively new destination for Americans. The numbers will undoubtedly blossom in coming years, and your business will continue to grow. You have my permission to use these comments in any publicity and you can forward requests for references for potential future travelers to me.

All our best, and thanks for a wonderful Croatian experience!


Eric and Lorn