Fritz & Oliver families, USA
Discover Croatia | Private itinerary
July 2016.

Thank you, We had a wonderful trip! The hotels were great, the food was great, the people were super nice and helpful and we truly had an outstanding vacation.

I think our least favorite thing was the trip to Plitvice Lakes. It was way too touristy for our likings and it was disappointing that you couldn’t swim. I think we would have preferred Krka Falls. I don’t think it was worth going hours out of the way for a short walk on a boardwalk although it was beautiful there. We all loved the caves and the days on the boats island hopping the most. The Dubrovnik Kayaking morning was fun but we all wished for a bit less kayaking and more time on the little island to swim, eat lunch, jump off the rocks, and explore. An hour was not enough.

I think my favorite town was Rovinj. It was a good combination of an outstanding hotel, fun old town to explore without too many people, and we enjoyed the bike ride around the park/beach area.

Hope that helps a bit. Everything was seamless and easy and I appreciate the planning you did for us.