Jackie Jew party, USA
Private group program
September 2015.

Dear Mariana and Alan,

Thank you both for working with us on the trip planning and for ensuring that our first trip to Slovenia and Croatia was informative, enjoyable, and relaxing. We have indeed all arrived safely home with wonderful memories of your beautiful country and its people. And we also all agreed, that we want to return to see other parts of the country and some of its neighbors.

The hotels that you selected were excellent, and again, thank you for resolving the error in Split so that Jane and Joy were able to fully enjoy that part of the trip.

Your drivers and guides were very professional and excellent, especially Peter in Slovenia, Nives, in Split, and Dalibor and Drazen. The day in Trogir with Tatjiana was exceptional, and the captain of the boat and our dirver/and guide that day was also great. Maya, the tour guide in Zagreb was good, although we wished that she had timed our walk and gone first to the chapel so that we could have visited there — we missed it because it closed at 5 PM. Our guide, Martina, in Dubrovnik was fine, but seemed a bit rushed, and we actually had to ask her to slow down and let us enjoy some of the sites before moving on; this was quite different from Nives in Split, who was energetic, passionate, and so willing to share with us and show us special places, and made certain that we were able to visit places like the pharmacy before closing time.

Please note that these are small matters and in not meant to be complaints or criticism, but rather feedback for future reference and perhaps training. Everyone was very professional, and it is clear that your firm is committed and focused on excellence, and it showed in many many ways.

These comments are intended to be helpful, and we would appreciate if if you would extend our thanks and gratitude to your staff– and of course, our thanks to you, Mariana for all of your help and patience!

We will surely recommend you to our friends, as we share pictures and stories of our wonderful trip to Croatia. I look forward to working with you on our next visit…we have already promised our children a trip!

We are hearing on the news about some of the challenges arising from the migrants, and we hope that everything can be resolved peacefully and with dignity and humanity. Wishing you peace and continued prosperity!

All my best,