Pat and George Tyler, USA
Private Tour of Croatia
May 2012.

If you have gotten this far searching Croatia and in particular Secret Dalmatia, obviously you are interested in the country and intrigued by the travel company. Having just returned from Secret Dalmatia’s May sojourn, we offer this advice: Go to Croatia and utilize the services of this particular travel group. Why Croatia? The NY Times called the country the new Rivera and Dubrovnik Europe’s most beautiful city. Lonely Planet named it the world’s hottest travel destination and both Sports Illustrated and GQ use the country for photo spreads and praise its many attractions. It’s everything you will read and much more. The country and its people have strong aspirations and tender hearts.
Our tour guide was Roni, incredibly knowledgeable about the country, always concerned for our comfort, obliging in our requests, and a thoughtful, careful driver who surprised us with humorous antidotes and jokes. We met Alan, the founder of Secret Dalmatia, shortly after arriving and learned that he had been educated in Boston. After speaking with him, you know that he’s one of Croatia’s biggest cheerleaders and cannot live elsewhere. And that’s the point. He loves his country and he wants you to do the same. Every — let me stress this — every detail about your trip is checked, rechecked and if anything is awry, it’s instantly corrected. In Split we were housed in a boutique hotel (there are no 5* hotels in Hvar or Split) and I asked if we could be moved to a different room. Alan didn’t just call the hotel, he showed up there to make sure my request was addressed.

Before we left, I was asked why we were paying money for tour guides when we could do it ourselves. Here’s why: you’re on vacation. Sit back, relax, go with Alan. He is honest, sincere and trustworthy.

Pat and George, Cream Ridge, NJ