Rick Carano, USA
James & Carano party
September 2015.

Our travel group of 8 had done some bare boat sailing in the British Virgin Islands and  loved the view from the sea and the intimacy with nature. Wanting to try some place different, we looked to Croatia with its huge coastline and its troubled history. Being located between western Europe and the communist block we knew there was a lesson to be learned by making it our choice. We decided to go in early September. We missed the 100 degree heat, the water was warm, the crowds were gone, but everything was still open and alive. We found Secret Dalmatia and Mirna. They are located in Croatia and she arranges tours for people like us who have no idea how best to put together a land and sailing trip to Croatia. Mirna spoke perfect english and was immediately responsive to our ever question. In no time she coordinated a 7 day land trip with small buses, drivers and guides. Everything was taken care of down to the smallest detail. As a bonus she met us for lunch just outside of Dubrovnik. We started in Zagreb and in 7 days made our way down to Dubrovnik and then back up to Split. Everything was great from the accommodation to the guides but the best was yet to come. Mirna hooked us up with Captain Vinko Buble  and a catamaran, the Lagoon 45 . There is nothing like seeing Europe from a catamaran. All of civilization grew up near the sea. It was so intimate I think the people we met we can now call family. Vinko knew the sea and knew the people in the sea side villages. Croatia is a beautiful country with wonderfully friendly people, but without Vinko the jewels of this country would have been missed. Sailing can be tricky in Croatia the winds can be strong and seas a little rough but Vinko knew exactly were to be to avoid any discomfort. Vinko managed our time and our itinerary with lots of sailing, site seeing and intimate diners with the locals. Vinko is a very special guy. One minute he is a no  nonsense captain aggressively taking on the challenges of the sea, barking orders, taking command of his crew. Then latter he is soft, caring, and engaging, almost like a girl friend. Some say he is like a big strong captain with a Pizda. That to me is the best kind of captain you can have. Croatia is a beautiful country, having Vinko and Mirna makes the place come alive. They are the best. I can not tell you what a kick in the pants this trip turned out to be. Our expectations were exceeded and I don’t say that often. Call Mirna, have her hook you up with Vinko and know you will see the heart and soul of Croatia