Robin and Michael Storfer, Canada
Private Tour of Croatia
July 2017.

Hi Dubravka,

I hope you are well.

I am writing you from the flight back to Toronto. I can’t tell you how sad Michael and I were to leave Croatia. I’m ready to move there (though I will never master the language!)

Many times over the last two weeks we have commented on how we feel that this trip might just have been one of the best that we have ever taken together. On a daily basis we were overwhelmed by culture, history, jaw dropping beauty, unparalleled meals, delicious wines, and incredibly warm, generous, and giving people. None of this would have been possible if not for you and Secret Dalmatia. We were truly blown away by your perfect suggestions, impeccable organization, amazingly funny and knowledgeable guides, and your unflappable disposition as we threw questions and requests at you while we were in the middle of our travel. You took such good care of us, to the point that in spite of our fatigue, we soldiered on with Mario’s tour yesterday purely because “everything Dubravka has designed for us has been incredible so we knew we’d be missing out if we “pooped out.” And we are so happy we did. What struck Michael and I is that everyone we met treated us like friends or family. They obviously take pride in their culture and their country and love telling tourists all about it. And they are all incredibly respectful of you, each saying how hard you work and that they prefer taking clients from Secret Dalmatia.

We cannot thank you enough. Your planning, combined with a really fun and spirited Backroads trip, gave us a perfect blend of everything we were looking for on this trip (however, I am leaving Croatia just about double the size that I was when I arrived). I think wine and TWO gelatos a day might do that to you! I have a big diet ahead of me! ☺

We have told so many people about you and will continue to do so. And don’t be surprised if you hear from us again, shortly, as I am convinced I would like to make some travel plans next summer, that ultimately lead me to a rented villa on one of the islands off Split for a few weeks. Can you help me with that???? ☺ ☺ ☺ Let us pay off this trip first and then we’ll talk. ☺

Thanks again, Dubravka. You have provided us many wonderful memories. (And thank you for all of the surprises! The truffle hunting, the Monastery hike, Mario’s dessert wine at the end of the tour yesterday…..) Those were very lovely touches that went a long way to helping us feel extra special.

All the best and we will be in touch- warm hugs,

Robin and Michael